MVC Server Control Code Behind Problem

This week I am doing a few days PD on the new ASP.NET MVC Framework.

I came across a problem when using server controls with MVC based ViewPage (which is inherited from System.Web.UI.Page) class.

Basically you create a page, add some controls and the controls are not accessible in code behind.

After a bit of hunting I discovered a simple workaround – every time you create a ViewPage based ASPX file, right click on the project and click “Convert to Web Application”.

Convert to Web Application

What this does is update the *.aspx.designer.cs/vb files that let you properly use codebehind.

This has been identified as a bug (here, but I can’t find the source of the bug identification, comments please!).

2 thoughts on “MVC Server Control Code Behind Problem

  1. Thanks for this tip! There seem to be a couple of killer bugs in the MVC framework at the moment… Hopefully ironed out in the next release.

  2. There’s no doubt the next release will be better… I think its fantastic they let us have a crack at new technologies like ASP.NET MVC so early in it’s design process!

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