Just watched Die Hard 4 in DTS HD-MA… ON MY PS3!!

Thank you Sony at last!!

DTS-MA in operation

Sorry for the quality of the pic, my GF has my camera out on the town and I had to take it on my TYTNII Windows Mobile device.

A previous post detailed my trials and tribulations about Dolby TrueHD and DTS-MA (https://jakkaj.wordpress.com/2008/03/01/dolby-truehd-and-dts-hd-ma-on-ps3/)… looks like the latest PS3 update (2.30) has added DTS-MA decoding to the PS3 OS. Or 2.20, I dunno, I stopped checking every update for DTS-MA a few months back:)

Suffice it to say, DTS-MA is here! To enable, check out my post listed above – but remember, if you want to show off to your friends your cool new amp in its true DTS-MA and Dolby TrueHD glory, ensure they concentrate on the sound… your amp will not show that it’s decoding this awesome format (you will only see PCM, which comes across as being something you would see in a  Windows 95 WAV at first, until you realise that PCM means pure, un-adulterated lossless multi-channel awesomeness). In short, the Sony decodes the audio internally and sends it in a raw, lossless format to your amp – same audio, but no DTS-MA HD light on your amp:)

AMP: Yamaha RX-V3800
Speaker Setup: Klipsche F-3 front, C2 centre and F1 surround.
Awesomeness: 100%

“Yeah I saw it! I did it!!”

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