Reduce your XAP file size in seconds

Want to make your Silverlight XAP packages smaller? It couldn’t be easier!

Extract the XAP file (rename to .ZIP and use any extractor). Then… re-compress it using a good ZIP tool, like WinRAR.

Third party zippers are far more efficient than the one built in to Visual Studio.

In my trial, I got a 280k file down to 220k!

9 thoughts on “Reduce your XAP file size in seconds

  1. Hey there,

    Naturally I tested this before posting :). I don’t RAR the files… I use WinRAR to Zip them (with the “Best” compression setting).

    The article you linked to is very good BTW!

  2. One thing I noticed when Silverlight 2 released was that my xap binary went from 624 KB (built with the beta 2) to about 450 KB with the released version.

    Squeezing out another 20% would be cool, too, using this idea!

  3. Hey Devin,

    I wonder if the improvement is better compression or if the RTW version produces smaller files (some debugging code removed etc)…

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