Going National: Upcoming SDDN Meetings and Training Days

We’ve been busy at the Silverlight Designer and Developer Network…

The SDDN is expanding around Australia – with meetings and training days popping up east and west.

Free Training Day – Adelaide Saturday 18th April

After the successful Silverlight training day held in Melbourne, with the help of the Silverlight Designer and Developer Network, the Free Silverlight Training Day is coming to Adelaide!

With Silverlight moving into a serious Web 2.0 platform, and Microsoft moving it into a key position of their Software and Services vision, now’s the time to get started with Silverlight.

AOL, eBay, Netflix, CBS Sports Online, Samsung Electronics and Yahoo! Japan are all organizations currently using Silverlight.

Been Studying WPF? Silverlight is WPF for the web. Your skills with XAML won’t be waisted as Silverlight and WPF share the majority the same UI coding practices.

Gain an understanding of varied Silverlight topics such as XAML, animation, data binding, communication and more and get the start you need to create great Silverlight applications!


To register your interest, follow the registration process at ACS.

A Special Thanks to

Hire Intelligence
Academy IT Pty Ltd
And Microsoft

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Without your help this event simply wouldn’t be possible.

Free Silverlight Training Day
When: 18th April 2009 – 9:00am to 4:30pm.
Cost: Free!
Where: Pirie Lease and their address is Level 4, 74 Pirie Street, Adelaide (next to Subway).
Contact: contact@blender3dlive.com or the SDDN info mail address.

How awesome!

SDDN Meeting – Perth

That’s right, on Wednesday the 22nd of April the SDDN is having it’s first meeting in Perth.

Thanks to Stephen Price (@lyynx) SDDN is go in Perth.

All the information can be found on Stephen’s post here.

SDDN Meeting – Sydney

The first SDDN Sydney meeting is to be held on the 5th of May.

Details on Venue and content to come, but lock it in!

SDDN Meeting – Melbourne

The next meeting of the Melbourne chapter will be at 6PM on Thursday April 30th @ Microsoft, Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place, Southbank.

The content of the meeting is being finalised as I write this, but expect plenty of Silverlight 3 action.

As we get more and more organised setting up the group around the country each chapter will settle in to regular meetings. The Melbourne chapter will meet every six weeks after April 🙂

Silverlight Training Day Roadshow

We’ve had a great response to our training day in Melbourne with requests for similar days all around the country. If you’d like to have a training day in your city (including another one in Melbourne) then please send an email to the SDDN info email address (info with the SDDN URL on the end – damn spammers).

As we say – these days are not cheap to put on even though we take no profit what so ever. Room costs etc have to be covered. So the more you shout to more money we can scam from sponsors to put on the days!

That said, if you know of cheap rooms with computers and capacity to run an MS VPC image then shout out (universities and TAFEs I’m looking at you!)