Sydney – SDDN Meeting and Nerd Dinner

First ever Sydney meeting!

This meeting Chris Anderson (blog), from Peer Placements will be discussing advanced styling in Silverlight for both developers and designers. Topics will cover styling strategies, tools, advanced xaml techniques, fashions, and a discussion on designing user experiences.

Jordan Knight (Blog) from Readify will run through the exciting new features in Silverlight 3, and demonstrate how you might use them in a real working reference application. This in depth session will cover perspective 3D, pixel shaders, navigation features, out of browser and much more. Other concepts like Model-View-ViewModel, dependency injection, unit testing and designing template friendly (read designer friendly) applications will also be touched upon.


Attendees will have the opportunity to win a copy of the full Expression 2 suite, worth $1000!


The date and time: Tuesday May 5 at 6:00 PM for a 6:30 PM start.

The venue is the Pyrmont Bridge Hotel, Level 2, Pyrmont, NSW. See mmap for details.

Attendance is FREE, but please RSVP by entering your details in the registration in the registration tool on the site (here) or send an email to

Nerd Dinner

We are holding a nerd dinner in Sydney on Thursday May 7 – P.J. O’Briens.

Register here.

Hope to see you there!!