Silverlight 3 – Split image in to tiles and show in 3d space

At Remix Australia 09 one of the demos I showed was of a 3d wall with lots of images which would then extrude in to 3d space.

I’ve taken that demo and updated it a little so you can now load and show any image as a set of separate 3d tiles which can be moved around independently of one another.

Have a look at the app running here: Tile image and place tiles in to 3d space thingo.

<Sample Code>

Split image and 3d-ify

</Sample Code>

The cool part here is using the new WritableBitmap to create the tiles. Open up CrazyNoPurposeWrapImage3dThingo.cs and check out the way the code loops through rows and columns and renders potions of the source image in to tiles using WritableBitmap.Render, modifying the translate transform to move the source portion around.

bm.Render(imgWriteTemp, new TranslateTransform() { X = -cx, Y = -cy });

The 3d stuff I’ll explain another day 🙂


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