Eventr with video overlays

I’ve just updated eventr with a new feature – the ability to video over an image. When the user zooms in enough on an image a video may be played on top of that image. If a slide show is running the show will be paused until the video has finished playing!

Check out a video of it in action here.

At Remix Australia we used this to great effect at the Readify booth. We had a list of client logos mixed in with images of a couple of projects (web site and WPF app) that we have built. The images in the deep zoom for these items were actually the first frame of a demo video which was recorded specifically for the event. When the slide show gets to one of these video enable items, the video fades in and starts playing… the effect is fantastic – it really looks like the deep zoom is coming to life! What’s really cool is if you zoom in or out a bit, or pan around the deep zoom the video moves and zooms with it .

You can see it in action here. Play the slide show – you’ll see the video over the third image (it may take a second to buffer).

It’s really easy to use…

The latest check in to the eventr project includes the ability to show video (and includes a sample video). Edit the ImageData.xml file on the server and you will see some items have a “video” attribute on them – this is the relative (from the XAP package) path to the video… you can go crazy!

The latest check in to eventr includes another change – the dependency on the WCF service has been removed, so now the application can be hosted on any server (it now gets the XML data from the server using standard web client requests). This does however mean that the system no longer records user views of images (metrics). It should be heaps easier to set up now though!

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