Next Melbourne SDDN Meeting – 29th Oct

Hey all!

After a short hiatus we’re back with more meetings. We’ve had a break due to a mixture of Tech.Ed, holidays and – would you belive – jury duty.

We’ve got two great talks lined up – from Phil Beadle on Unit Testing in Silverlight and from myself on .NET RIA Services validation.

How I unit test a Silverlight application – Phil Beadle

This session will cover how to architect a Silverlight application so that it can be thoroughly tested.

Time: ~1 hour.

Phil will cover:

  • The MVVM pattern
  • How to unit test the View Model
  • Using unity as an IoC
  • Using Moq to mock out the Model
  • Using the Silverlight Unit test framework to test the UI
  • Using a Mock domain client to mock out the calls to the database from a RIA service

Philip has extensive experience using these techniques in production projects, so this will be a talk not to be missed.

Philip is a DotNetNuke Trustee and works for Readily as a Principal Consultant specialising in Silverlight, DotNetNuke and ASP.Net. Philip has a large amount of experience building all sorts of online properties ranging from small personal sites to massive traffic sites such as the AFL website. Philip is also known for his passion for testing and is the lead for the new QA Team on DotNetNuke which will implement unit testing and integration testing in the coming months

.NET RIA Services Validation – Jordan Knight

Time: ~30 minutes.

This session will cover some basic .NET RIA Services concepts before delving in to to world of validations.

See how easy it is to create shared custom validation code in your applications (run on client and server).

Jordan is a Senior Consultant at Readify and is a regular on the Silverlight scene in Australia, having presented at a number of conferences including ReMix and Tech.Ed Australia and New Zealand.

Late Addition!

David Burela asked if he could give a quick 10 minute demo on some Bing Maps stuff he has been working on… why of course David!

The new Bing Maps virtual earth control lacks basic databinding, you have to manualy add pushpins and map shapes. This quick demo will demonstrate how you can import a single library to enable databinding to the bing maps control, and then create the datatemplates you need to databind your shapes directly to the map.

David is a Senior Developer at Readify who last year won the Microsoft imagine cup for his work on SOAK.

When: Thursday October 29, 5:30 for 6:00 start

Where: Microsoft Theatre, Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place, Southbank

Pizza will be provided to keep those tummies from rumbling.

Attendance is FREE but please register using the tool on the SDDN Site so we can figure how much PIZZA to get!

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  1. Many friends ask me where is the registration tool on the SDDN site. Even myself need to find it after a while/long break.

    It is a bit of challenge that no many people realize that the flashing ad like stuff at top of the page is the registration tool.

    Why not put a message like ‘Click here to register’?

    What do you think?

  2. Hey all,

    The site is pretty ordinary we agree… we are in the process of building a new and awesome site which we hope will be up soooon 🙂


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