New AnimationChainer – fluent Storyboard helper for Silverlight

A while ago I posted an article on a little animation helper class which makes it quick and easy to build animations dynamically in code. You can see my articles here and here and here.

I use this animation chainer a fair bit in my apps so I thought I’d share the improvements here.

Firstly, the system has been greatly simplified – I’ve cut a lot of superfluous junk out.

It now supports Stop, Pause and Resume 🙂

It takes a framework element in the constructor of the AnimationChainManager. This is to get around the problem where animations would appear jumpy (and sometimes not at all!).

It supports animation easing.

It supports callbacks using lambdas to make it very easy to calculate your next dynamic animation.

<Sample Code>

New AnimationChainer – fluent Storyboard helper for Silverlight Demo

</Sample Code>

Hope you enjoy!

Merry Christmas,


6 thoughts on “New AnimationChainer – fluent Storyboard helper for Silverlight

  1. Hi Jordan, i like the animation wheel. I think i will using it in my apps. Am curious, which tool did you use to create the xaml file for the wheel?

  2. Hi Jordan,

    Great Sample, I have a doing a SL Prism Project in which I have Content Control(in Main Region) and i am adding views to the content control.

    My problem starts here when ever user here ID i need to check his authentication (in mean time i need to display animation). there are around 4 views this kind.

    Any Help is Appretiated

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