And then there was light – Xamling is born

So the news is if you missed it: I quit my job at Readify and started a new company with my brother Alex.

Our new company is called Xamling (pronounced Zam-ling) ! Holy crap it took us ages to think of a name, we even ran a help name us site – which turned up some awesome results, but most of the good ones were already taken!!

Anyways, we finally settled on Xamling. Alex and I invented “Xamlings” – little flying Xaml icons for Remix 2009.

I like to think of Xamling as an anecdote: Fred – “Hey dude, what are you doing?” Jonsey – “I’m Xamling up some mad awesome”. Fred – “Oh sweet – want some pizza?”.

For those that don’t know Xaml stands for eXtensible Application Markup Language and is the markup that is used to build Silverlight and WPF applications (and Windows Workflows and other stuff too).

So, here is this new company – so what?

Well you may also know that Alex, who is not only my brother, is a very talented designer, who also happens to be a Xaml gun. So we decided to quit out jobs and try out something new.

What do we do?

Well – Alex and I have *a lot* of experience. At the moment Alex is working on UX design for Cochlea, and I’m working on some sekret stuff for Microsoft (not bad for our first gig in the new company!)

We specialise in Silverlight, MS Surface, WPF and Azure. But that is not what differentiates us…

What makes Xamling special is that we have developed an amazing designer developer workflow technique that we employ on our projects. We’ve even presented on it at the Melbourne Silverlight Code Camp, Silverlight Designer and Developer Network, Web DU and soon at Remix Australia 2010.

So what can we do?

Well, we can consult (UX, Design, Architecture etc), build (we have exclusive access to a development team with experienced developers, testers and project managers – which we manage and train, tailored training (SL!) and also pre-packaged/tailored architecture solutions to get your new project up to speed quickly (drop in architecture and training)…

Find us on twitter – I’m @jakkaj and Alex is @agkdesign.


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