Developer User Experience – It’s your Job!

This is an excerpt from my up coming TechEd Melbourne Talk entitled Xamarin with a View.

As a senior developer, software architect or just all round gun developer – your duty is to set up your projects for your end users…

And by that I mean other devs. You are responsible to choosing patterns and practices to keep them in the game, to reduce work, complexity and improve quality.

That is squarely your job – you facilitate them. They are your end user.

So often devs go in and set up projects the “correct” way with out any regards for the devs that actually have to sit there and use it. I see this a lot especially with consultancies. They give you best break neck up to date stuff on the latest nugets -> then leave with no regard for developer user experience – there is no elegance to it. Just smashing things in there and leaving them is just not good enough. It’s easy – you need to finish the job.

Your framework set up needs to be the sheep dog, the guardian angel and their roadblock all at once.

It must be super easy for devs to introduce new code using your conventions and patterns – it should be so hard to get wrong it’s embarrassing.

Your developers will be forced in to using the best patterns and practices without even knowing it half the time.

I want you to consider these things when you’re next setting up a project or when you’re asked to make framework choices.

I want you to join me in improving the Developer User Experience (DEVUX).

Developer UX – something that I think we don’t consider enough.

Of course I’ll be showing some techniques on how to do this!


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