Strange PlayReady error 0x8004B823

I’ve been doing some work with PlayReady based streams on Windows UWP and I came across a strange error without much information on how to fix it.

The error code is listed on MSDN as “The requested action cannot be performed because a hardware configuration change has been detected by the Microsoft PlayReady components on your computer.”

The trouble was that the stream was working on other PC’s and was definitely working on this computer (my laptop) – but now it was just erroring out with the above error.

Later on I tried again and it worked! The difference – now I was running Windows in Parallels (my machine is a Macbook). So it works when running in Parallels but not when running Windows on bare metal. Seems my licences became attuned to the Parallels version of “the way my PC looks” and now no longer works in “full metal Windows”.

I have no solution other than to run in Parallels at this time – would be great if I could figure out how to reset the licenses or something!

One thought on “Strange PlayReady error 0x8004B823

  1. Close all open browser windows.
    On your keyboard, press and hold the Windows logo key and then press R.
    In the Run box, type %allusersprofile% then click OK.
    Open the Application Data folder.
    Open the Microsoft folder.
    Delete the mspr.hdsfile. Right-click and select Delete, or on touch-enabled devices, press and hold and tap Delete.
    Important: Removing your mspr.hds file can affect videos you play on your computer using other media players.

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