Readify Silverlight Training Course – March 10-12 2010, Sydney

Next week I am running the Readify Silverlight training course in Sydney from March 10 to 12.

The three day course takes you right through Silverlight from the basics right up to advanced topics.

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Silverlight training in Adelaide a great success

The SDDN has held it’s first ever event outside Melbourne… a free training day in Adelaide.

We had 20 people in for the day and a great time was had by all. The attendees (and the presenters) had a great time. We laughed we cried (when the demo gods struck) and most of all we traded knowledge on a range of Silverlight topics from basics to some more advanced concepts. These days are really beneficial to the attendees and the presenters… we all chat and figure out where everyone is up to, and talk about Silverlight projects here and there. It’s great to see what others are working on and the challenges they are finding.

A very special thanks to Jason Schluter who put in all the leg work for the event, finding the venue and some people to run it! Jason presented the morning session, including the introduction stuff and he then walked them through creating a full game in Silverlight.

The afternoon I ran the class through networking, binding and the HTML DOM Bridge (they always love that last one). We also talked some shop about MVVM and some other common Silverlight patterns and concepts.

The venue was provided by Hire Intelligence, and the facilities were A-1.

But… the biggest surprise of the day was Academy IT, run by Brian Peel and Kim Paschero. These guys were our hosts – they opened the rooms, pre-installed the machines, handled registration and lunch. Can I just say that they are absolute pro’s who have clearly handled this kind of event many times over.

Academy IT run corporate and public training, which can be tailored plus much more. They have partnerships to operate in cities all around Australia so check them out. Head over to their site for more information. Oh yeah, did I mention that these guys are community group (i.e. SDDN) friendly and understand our “constraints” – i.e. they were very accommodating 🙂

We’ve had some great feedback from the attendees but as always if you have something to say, good or bad then we implore you to drop us a line a the SDDN info mailing address (I’m not linking it for spam reasons). Feedback lets us know how much you want these kind of days and session in your city 🙂

Coming up next: SDDN sessions in Perth (22nd), Melbourne (30th) and Sydney (5th May)…


SDDN training in Adelaide

SDDN training in Adelaide

SDDN training in Adelaide